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Monday to Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Health Inquires

Healthlink Alberta
Dial 811

Healthlink Alberta

Dial 911


When is the Clinic Open?

The clinic is open Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm 
Closed Statutory Holidays

Are you a walk-in clinic?

We are not a walk-in clinic. Appointments are necessary. We provide medical services to the patients of this clinic only. Our capacity is already strained managing the care of the patients who are currently our responsibility. We will not sacrifice the care of our established patients by accepting more than we can manage.

Why does the staff ask the reason I am coming in?

This is to ensure they have booked the appropriate length of the appointment and to have all the necessary supplies required ready for the doctor to maximize the amount of time they can spend with you. If the doctor must go searching for the supplies needed, the appointment time could run over causing all appointments after this to run late, or all issues to not be addressed at this appointment.

Can I see a doctor on the same day?

There are times when health concerns of our patients arise suddenly and unpredictably. These concerns often cannot wait for an appointment several days away, such as earache, sore throat, urinary tract infection, breast lump, sudden onset of bowel or bladder issues. To accommodate these urgent concerns more quickly we offer a morning clinic every day from 11:00-12:00. Before coming to the clinic, please call to have your name added to the morning clinic list. Medication refills are not considered an urgent issue. It is your responsibility to book an appointment with your family doctor when you pick up your last prescription refill. Chronic issues are also not urgent and should be dealt with at an appointment booked with your family doctor.

Why can I not speak to my doctor when I call in?

Your doctor does not take unscheduled phone calls from patients. Taking random patient calls throughout the day would cause the doctor to fall behind in booked appointments with other patients. If you wish to speak to your doctor, please call the clinic and BOOK an appointment with him/her.

Why is my doctor late?

There are many factors which can cause a doctor to be running late. Some of them could be, unexpected problems with an inpatient or long-term care patient while the doctor is doing rounds at the hospital prior to coming to the clinic, patients seen earlier in the day not booking the appropriate length of appointment or something urgent arising from a pre-booked appointment, taking a call from another physician or nurse, and in some cases your doctor may be on call for obstetrical patients and be called to the hospital to assess a patient or deliver a baby. In some cases, such as a multi-vehicle accident, the on-call doctor may also call extra doctors in to assist. 

Why is there a charge at some of my appointments?

Alberta Health does not pay for some services. Some of the services not covered by AHS are wart treatment, cortisone medication, driver’s medicals ($100 for patients under 75 and $85 for patients 75 and older), private letters, forms, and examinations requested by 3rd parties (i.e insurance, work, or school).

Why can I not get information on behalf of someone else?

The Health Information Act requires that we have consent from any adult over the age of 18 and on occasion anyone under the age of 18 at their request, to give information to other family members, friends, etc. This information can include results, appointment information, referral information. The doctor cannot give any information regarding a patient unless the patient has provided us with consent. Verbal consent can be given for a one-time release of information. Patient confidentiality is in place to protect the patients.

Are you accepting new patients?

From time to time our doctors will take on new patients at their discretion. Our current doctor's practices are full. They limit the number of patients they accept into their practice to ensure their patients can be seen in a timely manner and they can provide the best quality care. Please check with the clinic to inquire if any doctors are taking new patients. Quite often if they are not, we can place your name on a waitlist and call you when we have someone accepting new patients. 


You can also check the Wolf Creek PCN website to find other doctors accepting new patients in Central Alberta.

The website is

Why can’t I switch to another doctor in your clinic?

There are many people who do not have a family doctor. Our primary focus is to make sure everyone has a family doctor. 

Do I need an appointment at the lab? How do I book this?

Due to COVID-19 you are required to book an appointment for blood work at the lab. This may be done by calling 1-877-702-4486 or booking online at You may request one of our staff members book this appointment for you. 

What do I do when I need a form filled out?

Please call the clinic and speak to one of our qualified staff. In some instances, an appointment with your doctor is required and you will be booked. If you are dropping off a form for your doctor to complete, please make sure you have signed the authorization. Your doctor cannot complete the form if it is not signed. Prepayment may be required due to many form requests being completed by the doctor and the patient decides they do not want/need it any longer and not coming to pick it up or pay.

Do you give the flu vaccine/Covid-19 vaccine at your clinic?

We do not provide either the flu vaccine or COVID-19 vaccine at our clinic. The flu vaccine is available through your local health unit or many pharmacies throughout the province. The COVID-19 vaccine is available through AHS, some pharmacies throughout the province and some doctor’s offices. COVID-19 vaccine appointments can be made at or by calling 811.

My prescription has run out. What should I do?

Most prescription renewals require a booked appointment. In some cases, this may be done with a phone consult. When you pick up your last renewal, please call and book an appointment with your doctor. Renewing your prescriptions is your responsibility. Please do not leave it until your last pill or you may be at risk of running out. Your pharmacy may be able to extend your prescription until you are able to speak with your doctor.

My doctor cannot see me for 3 weeks. What should I do?

We have some morning clinic appointments available daily. Please call in the morning to be put on the morning clinic list as these appointments are for same-day access and are not pre-booked. If your issue is not urgent you will be asked to book a regular appointment with your family doctor. Please always try and give us at least 2 weeks notice when calling to book an appointment. We can also put your name on a wait list in case an appointment spot becomes available sooner. 

Can I still be seen if my family doctor is on maternity leave or away for an extended period?

In most cases when your doctor is on maternity leave or away for an extended period, we will do our best to have a locum doctor covering for them. Please call the clinic to inquire. If it is an urgent problem please call and book for morning clinic.

Do you have a mental health therapist?

We have two part-time registered psychologists that are part of the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network that work out of our clinic. They provide free short-term therapy for mild to moderate mental health concerns. Please speak to your family doctor if you would like to see one of our psychologists. There is also a mental health clinic for more severe mental health concerns at the hospital that can be reached by calling the hospital main switchboard at 403-843-2271.

Frequently Asked Questions

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