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Healthlink Alberta

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In 2003, Alberta Health and Wellness, the Alberta Medical Association and Alberta’s Regional Health Authorities (now Alberta Health Services) established the Primary Care Initiative (PCI) to improve access to family physicians and other frontline health care providers in Alberta. The purpose of the PCI is to develop Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and support them in meeting the objectives of the program.

PCNs use a collaborative team approach to provide care for patients and to coordinate primary health care services provided by family physicians, Alberta Health Services and other health care professionals. PCNs are a way to provide team support for family doctors by bringing teams of health professionals together, creating a patients Medical Home.

Rimbey Medical Clinic is part of the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network, along with physicians and health care professionals from Lacombe, Ponoka, Sylvan Lake and Innisfail.

Primary Care Network

Primary Care Network

Chronic Disease Management

Our Chronic Disease Case Manager focuses on diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking addiction and patients who need to be on blood thinners. Our Chronic Disease Nurses do many tasks, including:

  • diabetes education

  • blood sugar monitoring

  • instruction on insulin self-injections

  • helping patients adjust their insulin dose

  • routine diabetic neuropathy screening

  • blood pressure checks

  • injections for anemia, arthritis, allergies, and other diseases

  • anti-coagulation counselling and monitoring

  • smoking cessation counselling

  • weight loss counselling

  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring

If you have a chronic disease, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, please talk to your doctor about seeing our Chronic Disease Nurses.

One of the goals of the PCN is to increase focus on health promotion and disease & injury prevention.  Pam and Megan, our Panel Managers, in conjunction with your family doctor will identify patients who are due to have screening measures; such as mammograms, bone densities, blood tests, blood pressures and other cancer screening tests; and ensure they are arranged. You may be contacted before an appointment to do these things, with the goal of having results available at your appointment.

Panel Manager

We are pleased to offer therapy with our psychologists, Lara and Jeremy.  If you think you might benefit from seeing a therapist, please talk to your doctor. We also have a behavioural health consultant, Talitha. He is here to offer you assistance and support in making behavioural changes in hope of optimizing your health. If you are adjusting to lifestyle changes, need help coping with stress, anxiety, relationship issues or are just looking to improve your overall mental wellbeing ask your doctor for more information.

Psychology Services



We have a foot care technician to assist patients with their foot health. Please ask your doctor if this free service is appropriate for you.


Foot Care Technician

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